Photo by Sonny Pimentel

Photo by Sonny Pimentel

Hi, I'm Allie. 

My name is Allie Bashuk and I am a community organizer and arts & culture curator. I believe everybody has a superpower and that my hometown of Atlanta is chockfull of ‘em. I mash together like-minded people I run across and work on projects that are really fun. My ultimate goal is to do creative work that pushes Atlanta to the cultural forefront. 

More specifically!

  • I am the Bell Jar Director at The Goat Farm Arts Center. Bell Jar is a twenty-first century problem-solving service that connects artists to people, ideas, and resources in our network of innovators, designers and creators.

  • I make things! We're an event design and installation studio called Brutal Studio. We specialize in photo booths, centerpieces, and custom creative projects.

  • I am the co-founder and co-executive director of The Dream Warriors Foundation. We believe that providing accessible support to a community of like-minded women, femme-identifying, and non-binary individuals inspires a stronger, more innovative local economy.

  • In 2014 I collaborated with artist Kevin Byrd to curate the artwork in the new offices of Dolby Laboratories in San Francisco, CA. We came up with 36 stories of wayfinding, storytelling, creative and artistic moments.

  • The start of my career started with a sweet gig at Scoutmob. I was the founder, lead curator and production manager for their online store: Shoppe. Before Shoppe, I wore the hat of editor, community manager, and hell raiser.

  • I direct the annual Scoutmob Halloween Party in conjunction with The Goat Farm Arts Center to curate and execute an increasingly profitable, popular, and progressive arts and entertainment event.

  • I was the first Atlanta hire for General Assembly, education company focused on building skills and community in business, technology and design. I helped them startup in Atlanta!

  • I am one half of the force behind Young, Foxy, & Free - a free art magazine in Athens, Atlanta and Savannah, GA with artist Michael Lachowski.

  • I am for hire. Hit me up.